Our history

40 years ago, José Portoles and his colleagues began growing strawberries in the Malaga region of Spain. However, due to climatic conditions and the development of this sector in the Huelva region, they began growing avocados. In 1993, José Portolés decided to move to Morocco to continue growing strawberries and avocados. That same year, FELGAR SARL was created.

Felgar is a Moroccan company whose main activity is the development of the strawberry sector in collaboration with growers in the Larache and Moulay Bousselham region. Since 2017, Felgar has begun to diversify crops, introducing raspberries and blueberries to their product offering.

Initially, the main target market was Europe, but since 2014 the company has focused on other destinations such as the UK and the Russian market.

As far as avocados are concerned: Felgar's founders have their own nursery, producing trees directly supplied to growers for planting, and are one of the world leaders in this field.


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